It is said that Santa Marta has the most beautiful bay in South America, but few know that to enjoy this city as it should be it is essential to eat in its best and most delicious restaurants, this is a small sample of 10 of the best restaurants in Santa Marta According to tourists and travelers.

1. Ouzo

It is a simple but elegant environment. With a beautiful location right in front of the bride and groom’s park. As a good Caribbean restaurant, its strength is the fruits of the sea, but it also enjoys a select variety of meats, poultry and seafood, and original dishes inspired by Mediterranean, Greek and Italian recipes. Finally, its excellent dishes are enjoyed on a terrace with a beautiful and refreshing view. Without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Santa Marta.

Address: Carerra 3 # 19-29, Parque de los Novios, Centro Historico
Tel: (5) 4230658, 316 875 9499
Pg web:  Ouzo

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2. Of Wine

Travelers come for a divine experience. It is a unique, curious place to stay on a beach like Rodadero; with vintage furniture and a sober decoration, but with the charm of international cuisine combined with Caribbean cuisine. Here you can find Spanish tapas, Italian pastas, artisanal pizzas, Mediterranean dishes, gourmet cuisine, but also fish, seafood, all of great portions, and a great wine list just as international.

Address: Rodadero Restaurant | Calle 6 # 1 – 26
Tel: (5) 421 3735 | 300 507 9696
Pg web:  Di Vino

3.Ombu Steakhouse

Possibly the most ecofriendly restaurant you will find in Santa Marta, with a strong philosophy that insists on NOT offering one of the most delicious dishes of the Caribbean Sea, the Mero, to protect this species from extinction. For this same reason, it is an excellent alternative to Caribbean fruits. You can find traditional European cuisine, premium meats, matured, with good cuts. All in a warm and welcoming setting.

Address: Cra. 13 # 27-62
Tel: (5) 4310714 – 4230841


Located in the historic center of the city, it gives a romantic atmosphere to its exquisite French and Mediterranean menu. With a gourmet style kitchen presents its most distinguished dish a presidential grouper. It is characterized by a comfortable space, where its atmosphere is divided between the traditional Caribbean and the classic and elegant French.

Address: Cl. 16 # 2-58,
Tel: 57 (5) 4314138 +57 (5) 4231016 316 8334846
Pg web:  Basel

5.Black Earth

As the name implies it is a place to enjoy this land. With spaces that incorporate nature thanks to vertical gardens and a floor that combines with them. Its cuisine tries to revive the aboriginal and native recipes of Santa Marta, however, both its dishes and the place have a touch of elegance that makes travelers experience more exquisite. Its location is lovely, as it is very close to the Simón Bolívar park.

Address: Cl. 15 # 1-40 second floor. Bolivar Park
Tel: (5) 4228421, 315 4270657

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6.The Bistro

It is located on the pedestrian street of the beautiful park of the bride and groom, so appropriate this idea to develop a menu with a certainly romantic touch. A menu full of delicious French food but that makes a good course for sea food. One of its attractions is its pedestrian chairs where anyone can sit and share an exquisite cocktail menu. One of its advantages is that despite cooking with haute cuisine ingredients and fine cuts of meat, The Bistro continues to serve the classic executive dishes, for those workers who leave at lunchtime looking for a good lunch at a reasonable price.

Address: Cl. 19 # 3-68
Tel: (5) 4218080


The best name for a restaurant full of color and refreshing fruits. It is one of the best places to enjoy the Samarian afternoon, to talk and relax in the company of friends. Inside it is a place full of kindness, Caribbean flavors and juices, slushies and refreshing cocktails; while outside it borders the most bohemian and artistic roads of Santa Marta. It is worth going at any time of the day if you want to have a pleasant, healthy and refreshing time. Many classify it as one of the best restaurants in Santa Marta.

Address: Centro Historico, Cra. 3 16-34, Callejon del Correo
Tel: (5) 4232725
Pg web:  Lulo Cafe & Bar

8.La Mart

It is a restaurant that has a bit of everything. Its atmosphere is romantic and bohemian and its streets attract many local artists, but its cuisine is handmade, uses all kinds of local ingredients, especially tropical fruits. And its appearance makes it even more interesting since it is a republican house with a beautiful Caribbean color in the historic center of the city.

Address: Carrera 3ra # 16-36, Mail Alley
Tel: (5) 4310797 – 3103813847 – 3187518445
Pg web:  Lamart

9.Burukuka Bar Restaurant

It is the perfect presentation of the Caribbean flavor. Fruits of the sea, refreshing drinks and Caribbean party. The music here is a very important aspect, since she gives life to all the cocktails and dishes that Burukuka serves. It has a spectacular view towards El Rodadero beach. Its atmosphere combines nature with the avant-garde, and its liquor menu is equally relaxed: from tropical juices, to well-prepared cocktails and even exquisite wines. It is a place of wisdom.

Address: Via Cascadas del Rodadero Building
Tel: (5) 4223080 – 3145952678 – 3188270348
Pg web:  Burukuka

10. Rocoto

If we turn to Caribbean food and its typical European alternative, we find what cannot be missing in every Caribbean beach: Peruvian food. With the same marine fruits, but with the delicacy of the world capital of gastronomy. So here you can come to look for marine dishes, but with slightly less tropical flavors, with more international, extravagant and exotic touches and where you can clearly try typical Peruvian food such as pisco and traditional Peruvian dishes. Thanks to its Peruvian flavors, it is part of the best restaurants in Santa Marta.

Address: Cra. 2 # 19-15, Santa Marta (Cultural and Historical Tourist District) in front of the boutique hotel casa de isabella
Cel: 300 8358604

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