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Best hotels in Rosario Islands, Baru and Tierra Bomber -Top10 (2019)

Best Hotels Rosario Islands – Top 10 of the best  The best coastal area for vacationing, you may have already known Cartagena, but it will never be a complete trip if you don’t visit Rosario Islands and Tierra Bomba. Just as… Read More →

Top 10 best restaurants in Cartagena (2019)

Top 10 best restaurants in Cartagena Cartagena de Indias, is not limited to being one of the most emblematic cities of Colombia, it is also known worldwide for its exquisite cuisine, The Top 10 best restaurants in Cartagena recommend the most fascinating… Read More →

Restaurants in Barranquilla – Top 10 best (2019)

Barranquilla Restaurants Barranquilla is a carnival, cheerful, celebratory city, which is why the indispensable activity as a tourist is to try all the gastronomic offers of this sector of the coast, since its joy reaches its kitchens. Here we present the… Read More →

Best Bars in Cartagena (2019)

Cartagena has as many flavors as colors. As you walk its streets you discover a new space full of color, but the best thing is that you can enter each one and try a new flavor. Flavors that perfectly represent Caribbean, acid, citrus, refreshing, exotic flavors.

Best hotels in Santa Marta (2019)

Best hotels in Santa Marta To enjoy the Caribbean Sea you must know the best hotels in Santa Marta, so Top10hedonist brings you a list of the ideal places to rest while you have the vacations you have always dreamed… Read More →

The best burgers in Bogotá (2019) – Top 10

The best burgers in Bogota. Delight yourself with the best hamburger images of the moment.

San Andres Restaurants (2019): Top 10

The best restaurants in San Andres, Colombia – Top 10
List of the best restaurants on the island do not miss them.

Rumba Bogotá-Best nightclubs in Bogotá (2019) – Top 10

The best rumba in Bogota, Top 10 clubs of the moment

Best country clubs in Bogotá -Top 10 (2019)

What do the best country clubs in Bogota have?

Rooftops bars in Bogotá (2019) – Top 10

In Bogotá, bad or good, there are two types of bars legitimately named as such, those huge spaces made exclusively to fill and dance, whose bar without a chair is only to order the drink bottles you want and continue… Read More →

Best restaurants in Bogotá (2019) – Top 10

The best restaurants with the best style in Bogotá

Best luxury hotels in Bogotá (2019) – Top 10

The best luxury hotel in the city of Bogotá

Best hotels in San Andres Islands (2019) – Top 10

San Andrés is the paradisiacal jewel of Colombia, it is a must if you are a foreign tourist, or if you are Colombian. So the minimum you must do to get to know the country is to travel to the whitest… Read More →

Best restaurants in Santa Marta (2019): Top 10

The best restaurants in santa marta

The best pastry shops Bogotá (2019): Top 10

Colombians are very sweet and in each block we find at least 2 restaurants that offer typical desserts, wafers, strudel, torticas and brownies. But, desserts are also art and here we present the best bakeries in Bogotá, those that are characterized… Read More →

Best Brunch Bogotá (2019): Top 10

Lately the term brunch has become more popular in our city. We are clear that it is not our tradition and for many it is simply an anglicism to call the word “onces.” But this does not prevent us from enjoying those places that make brunch

Best Paellas in Bogotá (2019): Top 10

Bogotá is a multifaceted city in many aspects, but one of the most characteristic is its food. As good rice lovers, Bogotá has a lot of amazing restaurants that make delicious and exotic paellas. This is just a small sample of the… Read More →

Best hotels in Cartagena (2019): Top 10

Cartagena is the second most important city in Colombia and, as appropriate, has the best luxury hotels. In the walled city you have two accommodation options: relive the colonial era in mansions that are now beautiful boutique hotels , or choose all the… Read More →

Best hotels in Barranquilla: Top 10 (2019)

Top hotels in Barranquilla: top 10 Barranquilla is a city recognized nationally and internationally for its jubilation, its Caribbean flavor. It is in the festivities and carnivals where you can exploit all the joy that is hidden in the bowels of… Read More →

Best Boutique Hotels in Santa Marta – Top 10 (2019)

Top 10 Best Boutique Hotels in Santa Marta Many prefer to spend their time in enjoying the city of Santa Marta instead of spending time in the luxurious or exclusive hotels that the city offers. However, a great advantage of Santa… Read More →

The best hotels in Medellin – Top10 (2019)

Who does not dream of knowing Medellín? That beautiful city where the weather is perfect and how not? If it is the city of eternal spring. Where food is a Colombian symbol, where men and women stand out for their beauty, where Botero… Read More →

Romantic Restaurants Bogotá – Top 10 (2019)

The 10 best romantic restaurants in Bogota 1. Ill Tinelo It is a large house, over 14 years old, with a bohemian style dedicated to giving diners an intimate but homely space. It has a terrace covered by a tree that… Read More →

Hotels in Cali Colombia – Top 10 (2019)

Best hotels in Cali 1.Cali Marriot Hotel A sophisticated point right in the middle of Cali. This hotel in Granada has a fantastic location, as it is close to exclusive boutiques, restaurants and shopping centers. It is characterized by its modern style… Read More →

Restaurants in Cali (2019) Top 10 Best

The 10 best restaurants in Cali 1. Little Switzerland As the name implies, it is a purely Swiss restaurant. Its chef’s mission is to offer all its guests the most traditional dishes of Switzerland, that is, you can expect a mix of… Read More →

The 10 best spas in Bogota (2019)

If you are tired of the routine and just want real experts to take care of your stress, we invite you to visit these exclusive options. Four Seasons Hotel Bogota It is a harmonious and serene environment. Individual cabins or for… Read More →

Best Boutique Hotels in Cartagena (2018) – Top 10

Best Boutique Hotels in Cartagena (2018) – Top 10 If there is something that distinguishes Cartagena is its colonial architecture. The walled city keeps countless stories, which are told by all its old houses. So visiting Cartagena cannot include a simple stay… Read More →

The best Country Clubs near Bogota (2019)

1 Table of Mares Table of mares represents 1.5% of the tropical dry forest of Colombia. In it you can find lakes and streams where amphibians, fish and water birds live. They have two golf courses totally available, as well as tennis courts. The… Read More →

Mejores bares deportivos en Bogotá (2019)

Best Sports Bars in Bogotá 2019 Today at Top10hedonist we bring you the Best Sports Bars in Bogotá , ideal to hang out with friends while enjoying excellent cuisine, drinks and the best sports broadcasts. Do not miss it! District Sports Bar District Sports Bar is a… Read More →

Best Luxury Shopping Centers in Bogota (2019)

Luxury shopping centers in Bogotá Who doesn’t like shopping, eating and walking at the same time? Today Top10Hedonist brings a list of luxury shopping centers in Bogotá, for those who want to spend their free time in these spaces that provide… Read More →

Best beaches of San Andres (2019)

Best beaches in San Andres 2019 Do you want to discover the best beaches in San Andrés ? These are known for their coral reefs and the movement that occurs in them. If you want to enjoy an unforgettable trip, you should know the… Read More →

The best beaches in Colombia (2019)

Best beaches in Colombia It is still time to get to know the best beaches in Colombia to visit in the next vacation, so Top10Hedonist brings you a list that will help you choose a new destination better. Do not miss it! Bolivar Cay The Cayo… Read More →

Best Hotels in the Coffee Axis (2019)

Best hotels in the Coffee Axis 2019 The best hotels in the Coffee Axis manage to make anyone who visits it fall in love. The aroma and the climate that is lived in this place will make you believe that you are in… Read More →

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