Top 10 Hedonist is a publication born from the growing need to satisfy hedonistic consumers by finding locations with style, elegance and luxury.

The purpose of this blog is to invite readers to find various experiences that meet 3 requirements; Quality, style and excellent service.

How do we find them?

1.Blogs of Cities, Countries, Hotels, People- They are quite reliable lists, however some blogs are very simple or poorly crafted. There are blogs that are well prepared that can be taken as a reference, it is necessary to clarify that most of these blogs are not updated periodically. It is necessary to review to which person the opinion is being read if it is a person who is looking for economy or quality, however, the design of the blog is a good indicator to know what the person who writes it seeks to expose.

2. Books or magazine articles – They are good references but it is necessary to check their publication date and credibility, since some articles can be paid and this detracts from the article.

3. Criticism, Ratings – Reviews on google, hotel platforms, give us a good indication it is necessary to cross with the previous points to be more objective.


Top 10 Hedonist- It is a tool that mixes the best of all the elements of the publications described above, that selects and verifies with a demanding criterion the recommended places to give a more accurate opinion. Top 10 Hedonist classifies restaurants, indicates the best areas of the city and indicates the contact information of the place. Top 10 Hedonist is the smart tool for those who want to make their trip enjoyable and seek excellent experiences that suit their magnificent taste. Hedonist is a portal that has recommendations that are characterized by their demand, expertise and style.