Best restaurants in Bogota

Cuisine is clearly the essence of many cities, and Bogota’s creates multiple special and unique gastronomic routes. This time, we designed for you the route of the best restaurants in Bogotá.


Address:Cl. 70 #4-65
Tel:255 4138
Web page:

Peru is the culinary center of Latin America and Rafael provides a tasting.

It is a distinguished Peruvian restaurant located in one of the most popular and busy sectors of Bogotá. Its concept focuses on fusing a tropical vision with a modern environment, and for owner-chef Rafael Osterling, this is reflected in his dishes. The important thing is to preserve the tradition hand in hand with the experimentation typical of Peruvian cuisine. The atmosphere is relaxed, with some of the most notorious works of art commemorated in the bar, while the dining room is a bit more formal.

As a good Peruvian restaurant, its essence is the special and unique preparation of the fish to add a pinch of vibrant flavor to its dishes: spicy, sweet, or sweet and sour. Clearly, you will also find a variety of dishes: pasta, lean cuts of red and white meat, including dishes for those demanding vegetarians. In entrees, its price ranges between 30,000 and 50,000 Colombian pesos, although you can find dishes for 70,000 and 80,000 pesos. Approximately the average price of everything is 90 thousand pesos

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2. The Brasserie

Address: Cra. 13 #85-35

French cuisine has many places in Bogotá, but especially in one of its gastronomic streets, Carrera 13 with Calle 85. This restaurant is designed to meet the customer’s taste. It offers outdoor environments, with a garden that makes any meal special, and a terrace; as well as a slightly more intimate atmosphere in the dining room, full of music and warmth

According to its owners Jaime Escobar and Luis Carlos Piñerio, they are specialists in meats that exude and taste of France, their cheeses, their sauces based on oils and dried vegetables, their exclusively designed salads. A French restaurant has to be characterized by its strong but delicate bistro cuisine. And what can never be missing: a very complete wine list. The entrees can be very affordable, as well as a little more expensive (between 25,000 and 50,000 Colombian pesos). But in general, the average price to taste this delicious French cradle is 60,000 Colombian pesos.

3. Harry’s Bar

Address:Cll. 70 #
5-57 Tel: 3213940
Web page:

This restaurant is not only recognized for being in the busiest point of zone G, but for being one of the best projects of the famous Colombian chef Harry Sasson. For him, the essence of this bar is to maintain a balance between a sophisticated tavern and a casual restaurant. And this is demonstrated in a menu where the food is designed to be the perfect accompaniment to wines, but also to more alcoholic beverages.

Its atmosphere is characterized by a large terrace, where you should arrive early if you expect to find a free corner. With an open kitchen and an impressive cellar, it is a place that can be multipurpose, from a business meeting to a romantic date or with friends. To enjoy this excellent restaurant-bar, the average price is around 60,000 Colombian pesos.


Address:Cll. 83 # 12-19
Tel: 6105210
Web page:

Once again we enter the chef Sasson area and the famous T zone, another of the busiest culinary and shopping spots in Bogotá. So crowded that it is normal to distinguish one politician or businessman from another. Balzac is clothed with more charm at night since he can enjoy his serenity.

It is a kitchen that experiments, but that preserves its sobriety. He builds his dishes with the finest and most exquisite haute cuisine foods such as mussels, mushrooms and asparagus, but he risks experimenting in his presentation and preparation. Balzac experiments above all with his appetizers, so the least thing you can miss at this restaurant is to try a special design of appetizers. Its average price fluctuates between 80,000 and 90,000 Colombian pesos.


Address: Cra. 12 #83-17
Web page:

Asian atmosphere, authentic Japanese and Thai designs. This coveted restaurant is located, once again, in the exclusive gastronomy sector of Bogotá. Its environment is characterized by the basic principles of Asian interior design: high ceilings, soft lighting, and a traditional oriental design combined with a vibrant modern atmosphere.

Its culinary concept focuses not only on sushi, but on the wonderful cuts and the most exotic combinations. It focuses on fully exploiting the characteristics of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Malaysian cuisine. So there is a wide variety of both animal and vegetable dishes, stir-fried, fried, curried, with coconut milk and more. In this restaurant you can open a window to typical oriental food, since in its dishes you can feel the flavors of all the elements that are not known here in the West but that are essential in the East. Its main dishes range between 50,000 and 70,000 Colombian pesos.

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6. Cafe Renault

Address:Cll. 93b # 11a-84
Tel: 6211538
Web page:

Famous for being the most special project for Colombian businessman Leo Katz, it is a restaurant whose specialty is the world. It is a point dedicated to international food. In this restaurant you can travel the world just by looking at its menu. From Italian pasta, to the most complex and designed dishes from France, to the most exotic food from the Middle East, Asia, Arabic and more. Its environment tries to be minimalist both in its architecture, its interior design and its cuisine. It stands out for its sober European decoration.

7. Horace Barbato

Address:Cl. 118 #6A-37
Web page:

Este restaurante tiene un concepto muy claro, crear comida potente con ingrediente sencillos, sin pretensión ni extravagancia. La idea es respetar las cocciones y sabores originales de sus platillos para conservar una cocina rústica, pero dándole más contundencia con uno que otro complemento. Es un espacio que armoniza entre un frondoso jardín y un acogedor comedor.

Si tuviera una especialidad sería el casero lomo de cerdo, pero aquí también se puede encontrar mariscos bien salteados, carnes rojas y blancas con una excelente preparación. Su contundencia se encuentra en el exquisito uso del queso, el vino, los aceites, las especias, hierbas, leña y demás complementos que le dan un sabor especial a lo tradicional. El precio promedio oscila entre los 70 mil y 80 mil pesos colombianos. Para comer bien en este restaurante se puede gastar entre 50mil y 70mil pesos.

8. Sushigozen

Dirección:Calle 94 # 14-11

Nuevamente un aire japonés, esta vez ubicado en el exclusivo parque de la 93, famosos por sus actividades culturales, artísticas y gastronómicas. Aboga por una decoración minimalista, basada en colores claros que le aportan serenidad y vida al mismo tiempo; con una terraza y una pecera como centro de la tranquilidad. Un restaurante con autoridad, cuyo propietario es japonés.

Su especialidad: los sushis, su característica: una variedad de manjares que van desde sushi hasta cazuelas, teppanyaki, platos wok, sopas, arroces, y platos a la parrilla. La carta se presenta con una variedad de sushis exquisitos: nigiri, sashimi, temaki, maki. El precio promedio para realmente disfrutar de este restaurante está entre 65 mil y 80 mil pesos colombianos.

9. Central Cevicheria

Dirección:Cra. 13 # 85 – 14

Para su chef principal Andrew Blackbourn, este lugar “es lo más cercano que se puede estar al mar”. Tanto en el ambiente como en la comida se puede sentir el concepto del Caribe y el Pacífico inundando cada plato. Es una casona con un toque tradicional, que rememora el vivir cerca al mar.

Sus paltillos son casi tan variados como la vida en el pacífico y el caribe. Los pescados, las ostras, las pianguas, el pulpo, los cocteles, bocados marinos son su especialidad, pero su característica es el sabor vibrante al final de cada bocado, hecho con ron y limón.  Son platos que reflejan la alegría y creatividad de la costa colombiana. Platos tropicales y frescos, todo un lujo. Su precio promedio es de 72 mil pesos colombianos.

10. Gamberro

Dirección:Calle 90 No. 11-13
Tel:745 5757

Koldo Miranda, chef y creador de Gamberro, define su restaurante como “un lugar para todos los momentos”. Es un restaurante que presume ser tradicional pero que no puede evitar experimentar con todo lo que caracteriza a la cocina internacional. Desde cortes tradicionales de res, cerdo, mariscos y aves hasta platos con ramen, queso campesino o pato marinado con cinco arroces.

Su diseño fue pensado para ser exclusivo pero casero, donde la protagonista es la cocina, donde la experiencia tiene que ser entre la comida, la cocina y el comensal. Combina la cocina criolla con la cocina mediterránea y cantárbica. Si quieres disfrutar algún plato diseñado por el chef Miranda el precio promedio es de 70 mil a 80mil pesos colombianos.

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