Top 10 Best Hotels Curacao

Have you decided to embark on the adventure of visiting one of the most paradisiacal Caribbean islands, but you still don’t know where to stay? You have nothing to worry about! Because today we bring you the 10 best hotels in Curaçao, TopHedonist, so you can choose from and live an authentic tropical experience.

Curaçao is a Caribbean paradise that invites you to discover the magic of its crystal clear waters, dreamy beaches and rich cultural history. With its colorful and vibrant architecture, this island will transport you to a world of tropical colors and warmth. Explore its lively seabed, enjoy the culinary diversity, and get to know the friendliness of its people. Curaçao is a destination that will take your breath away and will surely inspire your traveling spirit. Come and discover this Caribbean treasure!

  1. Baoase

Baose tops our TopHedonist list of the 10 best hotels in Curaçao. This luxurious resort is located 2 kilometers from Mambo Beach. Its cleverly located rooms offer panoramic views of the private beach with lagoon and its emblematic palm trees.

This paradisiacal resort offers a spa, whirlpool tub, delicious breakfasts and endless amenities to pamper you. In addition, nearby you can enjoy recreational activities such as scuba diving, water skiing or ecological tours.

Address: 2 Winterswijkstraat, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +599 9 461 1799


  1. Kontiki Luxury Suites

The Kontiki Suites has a privileged location just 3 minutes walk from the beach. Its emblematic rooms have been fully equipped with all the amenities you will need and more.

Its luxury suites offer unlimited service and sublime views in the best VIP style. With a tropical welcome drink and chefs at your disposal for a private dinner, at the Kontiki you will enjoy the best exclusivity and hospitality on the island.

The newly opened Kontiki Luxury Suites, meanwhile, is focused more on modernity and luxury, first-class accommodations with ocean views, exceptional service and a gourmet dining experience. stands as a tribute to modernity and sophistication. This resort fuses contemporary architecture with luxurious details in every corner. Its elegantly designed suites offer a unique experience for luxury travelers, with spacious accommodations and first-class amenities. From its stunning architectural design to state-of-the-art modern amenities, Kontiki Luxury Suites is an exceptional retreat for those seeking an exclusive stay in the Caribbean.

Address: z/n Bapor Kibrá, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +599 9 463 1600


  1. Zoetry Curacao Resort

This ultra-luxury boutique hotel offers a fitness center, restaurant, bar and tennis court. Its exclusive rooms are bright and full of Curaçao’s tropical vibe. They have everything you will use during your stay and more amenities to pamper you.

With extremely attentive service and dreamlike views, this paradisiacal resort offers the best vacation experience possible. There is much more to know about Zoetry, so visit it and find out for yourself.

Address: Piscadera Bay z/n, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +599 9 462 5000


  1. Papagayo Beach Hotel

The Papagayo Beach Hotel in Curaçao is a true tropical paradise that encapsulates the essence of Caribbean elegance. This dazzling coastal retreat offers a collection of luxury villas that defy all expectations. Each villa, with its contemporary design and ample spaces, immerses you in an atmosphere of unparalleled privacy and comfort, where luxury is intertwined with natural beauty. From your private terrace, you will enjoy panoramic views of the turquoise sea, creating a scene that paints a picture of tranquility and serenity unmatched.

The hotel itself is a monument to coastal luxury, with modern architecture that blends perfectly with the tropical surroundings. Its rooms, many of which offer sea views, are a haven of serenity and comfort, designed to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. From the moment you set foot in the Papagayo Beach Hotel, you are immersed in a world of elegance and unparalleled hospitality, where every detail has been carefully thought out to make your stay unforgettable. Whether you choose a private villa or an ocean view room, here you will find the perfect combination of luxury and nature in a paradisiacal corner of Curaçao.

The hotel is strategically located on the vibrant Jan Thiel beach, which is much more than just a stretch of sand and waves. This beach is a true paradise of activities and entertainment for the whole family. Foodies will find a selection of world-class restaurants just steps from the beach, where they can enjoy local and international dishes prepared by renowned chefs.

Address: Jan Thiel, Jan Thiel, 0000 Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +5999 7474 333


  1. Coral Estate Luxury Resort

The Coral Estate Luxury Resort in Curaçao is a sanctuary of unparalleled luxury that pays homage to the majesty of the Caribbean Sea and the unique beauty of the coral reef that borders its shores. This tropical jewel combines sophistication and natural surroundings in an exceptional way. From the exquisitely designed villas to the suites with panoramic ocean views, every corner of this resort evokes a sense of exclusivity and elegance. Coral Estate Luxury Resort is nestled in an idyllic location, where turquoise waters caress white sandy beaches, and coral reefs come alive with a vibrant palette of colors. Snorkelers and divers will find an underwater paradise, where tropical fish dance among the corals in an aquatic world of wonders.

This luxury resort is a testament to the art of hospitality, where impeccable service blends with the natural surroundings, creating a unique experience for travelers seeking the best of Curaçao. The amenities, gourmet dining and attention to detail in every aspect of its design underscore Coral Estate Luxury Resort ‘s commitment to luxury and excellence. Here, the very essence of the Caribbean is intertwined with modern sophistication, making it an unparalleled retreat for those seeking an unforgettable experience in a paradisiacal setting.

Address: Rif St. Marie St. Marie, Curaçao

Phone: +599 9 529 5195


  1. Avila Beach Hotel

The Avila Beach Resort in Curaçao is an oceanfront gem that not only offers luxury and beauty, but also has a rich history that makes it an even more special destination. Founded in 1949, the Avila Beach Resort is the first hotel in the island’s history, adding a unique dimension to its legacy. Since its inception, it has been a beacon of Caribbean hospitality and elegance, hosting travelers from around the world and creating unforgettable memories for generations.

Ocean view rooms offer a spectacular experience, with breathtaking panoramic ocean views that envelop you in a sense of serenity and unparalleled luxury. From the comfort of your room, contemplate the crystal clear waters that stretch as far as the eye can see and feel the gentle sea breeze caress your skin. Avila beach is a natural wonder of clear waters and golden sand that invites travelers to immerse themselves in paradise. And to top off this unforgettable experience, The Pen restaurant stands as a culinary masterpiece in a breathtaking setting. With exquisite cuisine and panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, this restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy gourmet dishes while the sun sets over the horizon. At the Avila Beach Resort, history and beauty come together to offer an unparalleled luxury experience, where tradition and culinary exquisiteness intertwine in a paradisiacal corner of Curaçao.

Address: 130 Penstraat, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +599 9 788 1949


  1. Lions Dive

The Lions Dive Beach Resort in Curaçao, strategically located on the stunning Sea Aquarium beach, is a true Caribbean paradise that delights visitors with its spectacular location. From the comfort of the rooms, guests enjoy panoramic views of the ocean, waking up to the gentle whisper of the waves. Curaçao ‘s white sand beaches and crystal clear waters surround the resort, giving travelers unparalleled access to a paradise of water activities and relaxation under the Caribbean sun.

Lions Dive Beach Resort ‘s exceptional service is a distinctive feature that ensures each guest enjoys an unforgettable stay. The friendly and attentive staff prides itself on meeting visitors’ every need, from organizing exciting activities to creating unforgettable dining experiences. Whether you wish to explore the surrounding coral reefs, relax on the beach or savor a delicious meal at the oceanfront restaurant, at Lions Dive, luxury and world-class service merge to create a truly unique Curaçao experience.

LionsDive Beach Resort in Curacao offers a truly luxurious spa experience, blending the serenity of its indoor facility with the stunning backdrop of its beachside treatments. Inside the spa, you’ll find a tranquil oasis, with tasteful decor and soothing ambiance that immediately transports you to a world of relaxation. The spa’s expert therapists offer a range of treatments, from massages and facials to body scrubs and wraps, using high-quality products and techniques designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your body and mind.

However, what truly sets LionsDive Curacao Spa apart is its beachside treatments. The resort’s private beach is the ideal setting for open-air massages and wellness experiences. Imagine listening to the gentle lapping of waves as you indulge in a massage right by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, feeling the warm breeze caress your skin. The combination of nature’s elements and expert spa care creates a unique and unforgettable experience that leaves you feeling not only relaxed but deeply connected to the natural beauty of Curacao. Whether you choose to unwind inside the spa’s tranquil interiors or on the idyllic beach, LionsDive Curacao Spa promises a rejuvenating escape like no other.

Address: Bapor Kibrá, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +599 9 434 8888


  1. Pietermaai Boutique Hotel

Pietermaai Boutique Hotel offers luxury rooms highly equipped with all the services and amenities to make your stay complete and full of comfort. The luxury of its facilities and its tropical style make this place an excellent option to visit and delight your eyes.

With a private pool included, the excellent attention of its staff and the outstanding attractions to visit in its surroundings, in this resort the fun will not go unnoticed.

Address: Pietermaai 51, Willemstad Curaçao

Phone: +5999 465-0478


  1. Sandals Curacao

The elegant and luxurious Sandals Royal is the ideal place if you are looking for a getaway for 2. Its eccentric rooms and luxury suites stretch along the Spanish Water Bay and the Caribbean Sea, so you can imagine the sublime and spectacular views they must offer, as well as the comfort that characterizes them.

At the Sandals you can enjoy a swim in its emblematic heart-shaped pool or walk in its beautiful dreamlike garden. Its floating bar and restaurant are, without a doubt, great attractions of the complex. If you want to learn more, visit the deserving ninth place winner in the top 10 best hotels in Curaçao, Tophedonist.

Address: Santa Barbara Estate, Porta Blancu, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +1 888-726-3257


  1. Renaissance Wind Creek Resort

If board games and fun are your thing, at this luxury resort you’ll have both. In this Willemstad resort you can enjoy an exciting night at the casino or a sun-filled afternoon at the private beach club.

It also offers a freshwater and saltwater infinity pool. Its most exclusive rooms have a balcony and are fully equipped. The hotel offers car rental services, a business center, restaurants, a jogging track and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Don’t miss this experience and book now!

Address: Baden Powellweg 1, Willemstad, Curaçao

Phone: +599 9 435 5000


Well, we’ve done the hard part for you, now all that’s left is to choose from one of TopHedonist’s top 10 hotels in Curaçao for you to travel, live and dream.