Best beaches in Colombia

It is still time to get to know the best beaches in Colombia to visit in the next vacation, so Top10Hedonist brings you a list that will help you choose a new destination better. Do not miss it!

  1. Bolivar Cay

The Cayo Bolivar is an atoll which has two keys: East Cay and West Cay , flora surrounding these spaces love anyone besides the beautiful colors of the waves in it that make you want to stay.

  1. Cabo San Juan

The Cabo San Juan is one of the best beaches that comprise the Parque Nacional Tayrona . This beach borders the coast where Playa Nudista and La Piscina are located . Although it is a little inaccessible place, it is worth visiting, in this place you can do diving, snorkeling and surfing , in addition to connecting completely with nature.

  1. White beach

Playa Blanca is one of the exotic paradises that Cartagena de Indias has , in it you can enjoy the contrasts between an intense blue and green of the sea, in addition to a very fine white sand. The multicolored corals found on this beach make it ideal for snorkeling . Spectacular!

  1. Cinto Beach

Playa Cinto is also located in the Tayrona National Natural Park , it is one of the beaches with the calmest water that can be found in those areas. The tranquility and peace that is breathed in this place makes it difficult to want to leave.

  1. San Luis Beach – San Andres

La Playa San Luis is one of the least visited of the island of San Andres , as it is located away from the site, which allows visitors to have some privacy and quiet. It also has restaurants on the shore of the beach. In San Luis is everything you need!

  1. Tintipan Island

La Isla Tintipán is the largest of the archipelago of San Bernardo , a white sand and crystal blue water is only achieved in Tintipán . This island has several marshes that serve as a refuge for the different birds that make life in this ecosystem, in addition to a vegetation formed mostly by mangroves.

  1. Playa Nuqui

Nuqui is located in Chocó , in its spaces you can find both the jungle and the sea just a few steps away. In Nuqui you can sail in canoes, visit waterfalls and bathe in hot springs.

  1. Bahía Solano beach

La Playa Bahia Solano is considered a paradise hidden in the depths of the rainforest in Choco . On this beach you can go hiking, diving, snorkeling and watch whales, dolphins and turtles during the month of October. The variety of activities offered by this beach manages to catch more than one.

  1. Crab Key

Cayo Cangrejo or Crab Cay is located in the Parque Nacional McBean Lagoon Natural Old Providence located in the department of San Andrés . This key, although it is small since it has two hectares, has a dense vegetation and is surrounded by such crystalline water that manages to fall in love with everyone who visits it. As if that were not enough, in it you can see fish of multiple colors. Wow!

  1. Punta Gallinas Beach

La Playa Punta Gallinas is located at the northern end of La Guajira , the scene of natural beauty manages to surprise those who visit it , you can see plateaus, dunes and rocky cliffs. This beach is ideal for those seeking tranquility, as it is usually lonely. The sand of this place will make you want to lie on it.

With the list that Top10Hedonist prepared for you about the best beaches in Colombia, you can realize that in our country there are plenty of hidden places to know and which are worth enjoying. Dare!